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2018 CD Releases.

"Dreamstruck" featuring  Harvey Sorgen - Joe Fonda - Marilyn Crispell is honored to announce the release of  the new CD titled "Dreamstruck" on the Not Two record label.

2018 CD Releases.

2017 releases

This spring/summer will see the release a new CD’s that I feel very strongly about and am honored to be a part of.

"Trio Joy" is a new group that features the amazing Jasmine Choi on flutes and Joe Fonda on bass and cello. 

Joe and I met Jasmine through our dear friends Antonella and Joe Rupp in Austria and are elated with the music we have been making. Jasmine is known  world over as a soloist with some of the premiere orchestras such at the N.Y. Philharmonic and the Vienna Symphony.

   This CD is our first as a trio and will be coming out on the KLOPOTEC record label.

"Sketches of Sound from the Gallery" series

There are quite a few CD's near the release point so keep checking back as when they will be out. My new recordings with players such as Karl Berger, Omar Tamez, Jerome Kitske, and Steve Swell are in motion for release...

Speaking of Karl and Omar... coming up is a great new series entitled "Sketches of Sound from the Gallery" to be held at Photosensualis - Woodstock NY and will take place Friday, March 16th at 8PM....This is a concept I have longed to do for quite a while and this one will feature Karl Berger, Omar Tamez, Steve Rust and myself.. In addition. sketch artists will have their own space in the gallery in which to realize their own personal interpretation of the music. Drawings may be submitted for an upcoming show at a location TBA...Keep watching here for more details...

And of course,,, A very big thank you to Max Micheliov and design4music.org for making this web site happen..."your the greatest, Max!"

New CD by "TRIO 3D" Is now available!!

The new CD by "TRIO 3D" has now shipped and will be abvailable June 1st, 2012. It was my great joy to have recorded with Remi Alvarez and Joe Fonda. I feel that this new record makes an honest statement of what is possible when three musicians "of the heart" get together and play music. We are all very much looking foward to touring behind this recording so watch the site here for more details!! Thanks to all who made this possible and feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to know where you can get this....Basically, all the places you get CD"S!!!

New CD by

New release by "Rumble Seat"

There are so many great project going on these days, it's hard to keep up sometimes!! With the onset of an early spring here in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, great energy seems to be coming out in all directions. Of course winter is not over yet and can rear a major storm at any time, I say...Bring it on!!!

This Spring will see the release of a new Trio record "Rumble Seat" which features Herb Robertson, Steve Rust, and myself. It seems like I have been playing with these musicians for longer that I can remember, and it is always an amazing experience.. This new CD features tunes by this collective, along with compositions written by it's members individually...

Herb is a true master and innovator in the worlds of trumpet playing and improvised music and is always a "go to guy" when it comes to pushing the music to unexplored heights. Steve's playing bridges the gap between "open" and "groove" (one in the same for me!). His awareness of sound and texture are the foundation in which all avenues are to be made "open for travel"
This CD to me is a statement as to what can happen sonically when "ego" is left at the door!
Many thanks to Marek at NOTTWO records for making the commitment to this music.

New release by

A Most Happy and Healthy 2013 for all of us...Let Kindness and Graciousness be our guide.... Keep watching for many great projects this year...


Harvey Sorgen. Short Bio

Harvey Sorgen - drummer and composer - BIOJust a very few of the artists I have had the great fortune to record and/or perform with include: Hot Tuna, Ahmad Jamal, Paul Simon, Dewey Redman, Frank Kimbrough, Dave Douglas, Mark Feldman, Karl Berger, Joe Mcphee, Wadada Leo Smith, Roswell Rudd, Phil Lesh...

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