Drummer - Percussionist - Educator - Composer

Karl Berger - "Gently Unfamiliar"


  • Karl Berger: Piano
  • Joe Fonda: Bass
  • Harvey Sorgen: Drums

Karl Berger has played with many jazz musicians. The now eighty year old accompanied such well-known musicians as Don Cherry, Eric Dolphy and Anthony Braxton and is among the leading figures of West German Free Jazz alongside Albert Mangelsdorff, Gunter Hampel and Peter Brötzmann.

Berger first emerged as a vibraphonist. On his new CD, however, he plays the piano. He is accompanied by Joe Fonda's bass and Harvey's drums. The result is so wonderfully balanced, slightly atonal, poetic piano trios.

Berger's play on this CD is discreet and does without violent punches in the keys. The seven pieces of the CD, called Movements, seem extremely homogeneous. Often one has the impression that one and the same subject is being unfolded improvisatory in continually new approaches. Harvey Sorgen's drums played mainly with the broom gives the individual recordings a floating character. Joe Fondas bass plays a very focused approach to Berger's piano playing.